David Beesley | Web Developer

Hi, thanks for stopping by. As you can see, I have taken the bold step of rebuilding my site in the wild!

This is just a static holding page for now, and intentionally unstyled to be as accessible as possible, just plain old html

Over time I will be building this site out using 11ty and blogging about what I have learned along the way, along with my decision making process

Don't worry, if you stopped by to find out more about me, it is available at legacy.davidbeesley.co.uk

In the meantime, I can be contacted by email at hello@davidbeesley.co.uk or you can spot me on Twitter at twitter.com/davebeesley

Want to see the code and commits? Head on over to github.com/davebeesley/personal-site


Start (20/02/2020 20:45 GMT/UTC): Started building out new site with a static html file

Update (20/02/2020 21:45 GMT/UTC): I have rebuilt the homepage as a markdown file with the requisit front matter, separated the markup into a layout, and built using 11ty

Update (20/02/2020 21:50 GMT/UTC): In order to allow the site to build on Netlify, I needed to add a package.json using the command npm init. Then added netlify as a dev dependency using the command npm install --save-dev @11ty/eleventy - I have also configured Netlify to build the site with 11ty from the master branch and serve from the compiled _site directory using the following code in netlify.toml saved at the root of the site

  publish = "_site"
  command = "eleventy"

Update (20/02/2020 22:05 GMT/UTC): Couldn't resist adding a header and footer