David Beesley

David Beesley is a Web Developer based in Cheltenham, England

David Beesley

Hi, I’m David and I’m a Web Developer based in Cheltenham, England. Primarily focussing on high quality HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

I build websites in various Static Site Generators and CMS's including 11ty, Wordpress and Craft, but don't worry, I like to roll out themes that are as lightweight as possible to gain maximum performance.

I have recently built out some much larger projects using Laravel, including a Membership and Sales platform for the UK's largest Horse Racing Charity.

More about me

David Beesley - Web Developer

I began building websites as a hobbyist in 1999, back in the “dark ages” before CSS. Building table based layouts in Dreamweaver for friends.

After a few years at Uni, and a few more in retail jobs, I embarked on a career in IT support before moving back into Web Development in 2010.

Since returning to Web Development, I have been very fortunate to work for four wonderful agencies and some amazing local, national and international clients.

Away from the web, I’m a father to my beautiful daughter Eva. I am a proud (but suffering) supporter of Cheltenham Town and Liverpool Football Clubs, and an avid Formula One fan.