So, Having turned 18 this side of the year 2000 (just), I suppose I classify as a Millennial even at the ripe old age of 36. Because of this, I find myself in the classic Millennial position of having a large enough amount of savings to not be fretting if the car breaks down, but nowhere near enough to buy myself a house. Also being a Millennial this is probably due to eating too much avocado toast or £20 bowls of cereal*

Since taking the decision to move back onto a steady wage this time last year, and giving up the freelance lyfetm, I have found it very hard to save towards a home. Most of my money is gobbled up in rent, bills, and maintaining things like cars and children (I have one child).

With this in mind, I have sought permission from my employers and decided to start seeking a little side work to boost the coffers in the hope of joining my fellow 30 somethings in home ownership before I become a 40 or 50 something.

I’m looking to take on small “bring your own design” projects - possibly where I either code you out some templates to be dropped onto a CMS of your choice, or maybe a full site build in 11ty, Gatsby, Jekyll, Wordpress etc.

If you are interested in my help - or have a small project you think I might be interested in, hit me up as the kids say - or @davebeesley

Thanks x

(* I do neither of these things, there are more painful reasons why I find myself off the property ladder on the wrong side of 35, but lets not depress ourselves)